Cheap Explainer Videos

Cheap Explainer Videos

Cheap Explainer Videos

In our experience, you can create amazing cheap explainer videos using

Choosing The Right Cheap Explainer Video Provider

If you have never used, it is straight forward. First, you need to find the right gig (or service) for your business. Make sure you fully read the seller’s description. Furthermore, make sure you review the seller’s previously completed work and reviews. Finally, make sure the seller’s offering price is competitive.

Finally, If you are not satisfied, you can always ask the seller for revisions until satisfaction.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is usually created with live-action. In each case, its purpose is to visualize a product or service. Furthermore, it gives it an attractive look. Therefore, a good explainer video has a solid hook. However, the quality depends on both the buyer and the explainer video provider.

Fiverr is a marketplace where you can find explainer videos at a fraction of the cost. We therefore recommend to get it done on Fiverr!

Types of Explainer Videos – Cheap Explainer Videos

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Whiteboard explainer videos are designed as if someone is writing or drawing on a whiteboard. 

Animated Explainer Videos

Fiverr freelancers produce animated explainer videos. It consists of moving illustrations and 3D Animations.

Live-Action Explainer Videos

Fiverr freelancers involve footages of living beings and use them in videos to attract consumers. The video explains a subject through live actions.

Stop Motion Explainer Videos

These videos involve fake characters or physical structures photographed frame by frame. Indeed, the pictures altogether gradually combine to make a moving picture.

Using Fiverr Explainer Video Services

Fiverr is a marketplace on which freelancers offer their skills. You can indeed find cheap explainer videos on Fiverr. It will therefore help you:

  • Launch a new product or service.
  • Assist customers in explaining or promoting a product or service.
  • Catch your viewers’ attention through images.

Why Cheap Explainer Videos?

The benefits of explainer video vary per case. However, video is one of the strongest vectors of promotion. Therefore, here are positive points of creating explainer videos for your business:

  1. An elevated Pitch: First, It offers an introduction to the product through a high pitch.
  2. Short and to the point: Second, with a short script, it justifies what a product is. It also shows how it will benefit the consumer.
  3. Higher Reach and Engagement: Third, explainer videos offer growth-promoting strategies. Although the reach of explainer videos will be less than a simple flyer’s, its conversion will be higher. As a result, explainer videos shared on social media broadens their impact.
  4. More Leads, Conversions, and Sales: Fourth, a good explainer video engages its viewers. However, a GREAT explainer video converts leads into customers.
  5. Persistent Messaging: Fifth, using a voice and powerful visuals, the video stays in the viewers’ memory. This indeed attracts customer to buy your product or service.
  6. SEO Boost: Finally, explainer videos boost your SEO. However, you need to make sure the video’s headings and metadata are optimized for SEO. Indeed, videos can improve your visitors time on your website and therefore impact the SEO ranking.