Fiverr vs Freelancer

Fiverr vs Freelancer

Fiverr vs Freelancer 

Let’s start off with a quick Fiverr vs Freelancer comparative table.




  • Best suited for small & quick projects.

  • Easy-to-use interface.

  • Super easy to find and vet sellers.

  • Jobs as low as $5

  • Great Support

  • Best suited for large projects.

  • Sellers place bids on your projects

  • Buyers have to vet sellers thoroughly.

  • Jobs are relatively expensive.

  • Monthly fee after free trial.


  • Cost efficient for sellers.

  • Great review system to showcase your past jobs.

  • Sellers can showcase MULTIPLE skills.

  • More expensive for sellers.

  • Sellers need to bid to win work.

  • Sellers have to be specialized.

Cost for Sellers

  • Under $20: $1.00 processing fee.

  • Above $20: 5% of the total order's cost.

  • Hourly Projects: 10% of the hourly fee.

  • Fixed-price Projects: 10% of the price or $5USD, which ever is greater.

Overall Rating

Fiverr vs Freelancer – Full Comparison

It is crucial to know the differences between Fiverr vs Freelancer when starting with hiring online. Both platforms are the giants of the freelance marketplace.

Although they do present a few similarities, Fiverr and do present some considerable differences.

Choosing the right platform depends on the type of work you are looking to achieve.

For Buyers – Fiverr vs Freelancer

Freelancer is perfect for buyers looking to complete large scale projects at competitive rates. On the contrary, Fiverr targets buyers looking to complete quick projects.

Freelancers showcase specialized skills on Moreover, they compete with industry professionals to work on projects. As it is specialized in bigger projects, requires its freelancers to be extremely skilled in their field.

Fiverr’s business model is different from’s. As its name implies, it is a low budget platform. It is perfect for buyers looking to quickly achieve tasks.

Buyers browse through gigs to find the one that matches their task. They can also review the freelancer’s previous work before hiring.

The most frequently bought gigs are logo making, banner designing, blog editing, website design and freelance writing.

Work Volume for Sellers

As Fiverr focuses on small projects, the volume of buyers is bigger than on any other platform. As a result, Fiverr is able to offer more work to its freelancers. allows its sellers to list only a limited set of skills. In fact, it is’s way of making sure its sellers are niche.

Sellers on must bid on projects. Furthermore, sellers must send proposals to differentiate themselves from others.

On Fiverr, freelancers set up their defined skills and their gigs. For that reason, sellers are able to shop for specific jobs. Thus, sellers must differentiate themselves in their gig’s title.


Fiverr offers a wider variety of skills than any other freelancing website.

For that reason, buyers can get any task done on Fiverr from $5.

The hiring process is straight forward. Before purchasing gigs, buyers can chat with the seller. Once buyers purchase a bid, they must post their requirements as a contract. Afterwards, the seller completes the tasks and waits for the buyer’s review. Upon a successful review, the buyer’s money is handed to the seller.

Hiring on is different. Buyers have to post specific requirements and wait for sellers to respond to the offer.

Many sellers will answer to bids (it can be annoying), and buyers must carefully vet the sellers. As it is aimed towards medium to large scale projects, buyers can pay sellers in installments.

Unlike Fiverr, isn’t free to buyers. After a free trial, buyers must subscribe to a monthly plan.

Seller Fees offers two structures for its seller fees.

The first one is based on hourly projects. a 10% fee is taken from the freelancer’s hourly rate.

The second one pertains to Fixed-price projects. charges its freelancers 10% bid’s price or $5USD, which ever is greater.

Fiverr’s fees are far less expensive than Freelancer’s. In fact, Fiverr only takes a $1.00 processing fee for purchases up to $20.00.

Moreover Fiverr takes 5% of orders above $20.00.

Fiverr vs Freelancer – Conclusion

The Fiverr vs Freelancer clash doesn’t have a winner. It is more about what type of work you need to get done. Or, if you are a freelancer, it’s about the skills you possess.

Bottomline, Fiverr is suited for quick jobs, and is thus a perfect option for buyer and sellers who are just starting. requires its sellers to be very niche. If you are looking to hire for a few months, is perfect for you.