Write My Essay

Write My Essay

Need a “write my essay” service?

Here’s the ultimate 5 steps guide on how to get someone else to write your essay for you. Cheap, fast and good quality.

**Heads up, you will need a $5 to $10 budget**

Step 1 – Fiverr

Go to Fiverr.com and create an account.

Step 2 – Search a “Write My Essay” Seller

In Fiverr’s search bar, type-in “essay writing service”.

Step 3 – Most Important Step

Look for a gig (an offer), with a seller that has a minimum 4.5 stars rating, and at least 20 completed orders.

Before selecting a seller, you need to chat with a few sellers first. The idea is to make sure the seller is available, and can write your essay on time. Furthermore, you want to make sure the seller speaks and writes PROPER english. I will repeat it again. PROPER ENGLISH.

In my experience, sellers from Kenya, Ghana or Nigeria speak far better english than the ones from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean a seller from Pakistan, Bangladesh or India won’t write in good English.

You will be able to determine that while chatting with the seller.

You can also ask the seller to show you his or her previous work, should you want to confirm the quality.

Finally, you’ll want to make SURE the seller offers both: a quick delivery time, and UNLIMITED revisions.

Step 4 – Offer

Once you have selected the seller, he or she will send you an offer.

Price will vary depending on the amount of words.

For example, if you need an essay that contains less than a 1000 words, your budget shouldn’t exceed $5. However, for a longer essay, you should prepare a $10 budget.

Pay for the offer. It is now time to relax, and wait for the job to be done. The job shouldn’t take more than a few days. Some can even deliver in 24 hours.

Again, you can negotiate that while vetting the seller.

Step 5 – Revision

Once the seller has delivered the work, you will need to review it. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the work, ask the seller for revisions.

The seller will make the appropriate revisions until you are satisfied. Indeed, that is part of the deal when hiring on Fiverr.

Write My Essay – Conclusion

In short, you can find any kind of service on Fiverr, including an essay writing service. However, should you not carefully vet your sellers, you can end up with low quality work. Make sure you follow the steps in this guide. That way, you can do something else with your time!!

Best of lucks, and cheers.